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Your new braces represent a significant investment in improving the alignment of your teeth. It’s also worth noting that an accidental blow to the face during sports could cause significant damage to teeth, braces and soft oral tissues. While many schools and athletic organizations require the use of a protective mouth guards for certain sports and activities, most units sold at the retail level can’t accommodate braces. Some retail units designed to fit over orthodontics may cause breathing problems for some athletes. It’s important to remember that if you play any sport that could result in damage to your teeth, you should consider wearing a mouth guard.

If you play sports and wear braces, you should talk with our dentist about a custom mouth guard. This removable oral appliance is made from soft, yet durable material that will be custom designed from an impression of your mouth and teeth. When you’re not using your mouth guard, you should keep it in the case provided. Any time you remove it, you should rinse it clean and brushing it lightly with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste.

If you live in the Frederick, Maryland, area and you need a comfortable and effective mouth guard, you should call 301-663-5552 to schedule a consultation at Dental Arts of Frederick with our skilled dentist Dr. Kevin Oakes, DDS.