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Sleep apnea is a chronic respiratory condition associated with breathing obstruction and chronic snoring caused by the soft palate. This can affect sleep quality as well as cause more stressed relations with your partner.

Through the years, a growing body of research has found links between untreated sleep apnea and cardiovascular health conditions, such as high blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

If you or your partner has been experiencing sleep apnea symptoms, it is best to have a physician diagnose the severity of the problem. If you only suffer from moderate sleep apnea, you might find significant symptom relief from using a quality snore guard, as provided by a qualified orthodontist like Dr. Kevin Oakes.

Some sleep apnea sufferers prefer boil and bite snore guards for their custom fit and comfort. This type of removable oral appliance is made from a special material that softens when heated in water. While it is still malleable, you place it in your mouth and bite down firmly. This will cause it to conform to the unique shape of your personal bite pattern

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