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If you struggle with dental anxiety during routine dental checkups and other visits to the dental office, you are joined by many people who have the same issue. We are pleased to offer a range of options for sedation dentistry so that you can achieve the relaxation you need to feel calm in the dental chair.

The purpose of sedation dentistry is to provide a sedative for patients who have dental anxiety and struggle to relax during oral treatment. By receiving a sedative, you can feel relaxed during all kinds of procedures and feel as though you are only in the dental chair for a few minutes. Dr. Kevin Oakes is pleased to provide these options based on your needs:

– Mild sedation: You can feel very relaxed yet still awake and alert with a light sedation that reduces your stress levels.

– Moderate sedation: If you are receiving wisdom tooth removal or another procedure that requires you to keep your mouth open and sit still for a while, we can provide a moderate sedation that prevents discomfort by putting you in a light sleep and blurs the details of the procedure.

– Deep sedation: You may need a deep sedation if you have developed impacted wisdom teeth or need multiple tooth removal. Deep sedation enables you to be unconscious for your procedure without making it hard for you to wake up.

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