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No matter your age or experience with the upkeep of oral hygiene, it’s always good to have a refresher on why the daily routine of brushing and flossing is vital to the health of your teeth. The care of your smile is one of the most important daily routines you can develop. Without a routine in place, serious damage to your teeth can result.

These dangerous conditions that come from a lack of oral hygiene come about because of a bacteria known as plaque. Plaque forms as a film on the surface of the teeth and feeds off food and sugars left in uncleaned mouths. After plaque is allowed to develop, it will begin to turn acidic. After this happens, the plaque will wear away the enamel of teeth and form pits in them. These pits are what we call cavities.

Plaque buildup can also turn into a solid substance known as tartar, which can feel like it’s actually part of the tooth itself and can’t be removed from brushing. Tartar is dangerous to the teeth because it can cause bone loss to develop as well as the spread of gingival disease.

Daily brushing and flossing are vital to keep teeth clean of plaque and prevent these conditions from developing. In addition to your daily routine, you should also be seeing Dr. Kevin Oakes every six months for regular check-ups and cleaning.

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