If you have suffered from tissue loss due to oral cancer, then visit our prosthodontist for oral cancer reconstruction. Dr. Kevin Oakes provides oculars, obturators, and prosthetic ears and noses that restore lost tissue structures. Call Dental Arts of Frederick if you want to learn more about reconstruction and continuing care for oral cancer in Frederick, Maryland.

Oral cancer can cause great harm to not only the mouth, teeth, and jaw, but to other maxillofacial areas as well. Our prosthodontist not only offers restorations to replace missing teeth, but maxillofacial prosthetics that reconstruct other areas damaged by cancer. In our office, we provide oculars, obturators, and prosthetic ears and noses.

Oculars are prosthetic eyes to replace the ones missing due to injury, infection, or diseases like cancerous tumors. These are shell-shaped and created from a hard, plastic acrylic. Obturators are used to reconstruct areas of the hard and soft palate that were removed during a maxillectomy or palatectomy. These replace missing teeth and tissues so you can chew, speak, and swallow easily again. Cancer can also destroy tissues of the ears and nose, so we provide prosthetic restorations for these areas as well. Call our prosthodontist if you want to learn more about the prosthetics we use to reconstruct the maxillofacial areas destroyed by oral cancer.