Special needs patients and those born with congenital birth anomalies can benefit from the maxillofacial prosthetics at Dental Arts of Frederick. We provide restorations that can reconstruct missing areas of tissues and we also offer the loving care that special needs patients require. Call our prosthodontist at Dental Arts of Frederick to learn more about how we can help special needs patients and those born with congenital birth defects with our care and maxillofacial prosthetics in Frederick, Maryland.

Maxillofacial prosthetics are a specialty in the prosthodontic field, which involves the reconstruction of defects in the oral and facial areas. Often these defects are due to congenital birth anomalies such as those found in children born with cleft palate and other birth defects. Sometimes reconstructions are necessary for special needs patients, such as those who are handicapped or elderly persons suffering from conditions like dementia. We provide the care they need for a better lifestyle.

Our office has an in-house lab where we can create the prosthetics that reconstruct missing areas of tissue in the maxillofacial areas. Patients who need a little extra help during a maxillofacial prosthetic procedure can relax as they benefit from our sedation options. Call our office to learn more about our special needs patient care and how we repair congenital birth defects with our maxillofacial prosthetics.