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Receiving dentures is a major life change and will impact your oral hygiene routine, but caring for your new dental appliance is simple if you are familiar with the proper care. We offer five tips for denture care to maintain their hygiene and quality:

1. Run your dentures under water to remove loose food particles before giving them a brush. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and abrasive-free cleaner so that the surface of the dentures aren’t scratched.

2. Handle your dentures with care, especially while cleaning them, so that they don’t become broken. Place a mat or towel under the dentures during the cleaning process in case they slip and fall.

3. Soak your dentures when not in use so that they don’t dry out. This can be done with a denture cleanser or water, but make sure you don’t use hot water, or else this could warp the shape of your appliance.

4. Though your teeth are no longer affected by cavities, it’s important to clean the plaque that accumulates on your gums by brushing with a soft-bristled brush. This should be done before you wear your dentures every day so that the daily gum stimulation and cleaning contribute to a healthy mouth.

5. Notify our dentist if your appliance suffers any chips or breaks or no longer feels right. Instead of attempting to repair your dentures yourself, allow our professionally trained team to improve it.

Dentures will wear out naturally over time, which is why you should bring them to the dentist when it’s time for routine cleanings so that they can be adjusted as needed. We encourage you to contact Dental Arts of Frederick at 301-663-5552 today if you need to speak with Dr. Kevin Oakes about caring for dentures in Frederick, Maryland.