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Aesthetic Gum Lift

Man SmilingYour smile is often the first thing that others notice about you. When many people think about the perfect smile, they tend to focus on the appearance of the teeth. While your teeth are a major component in the quality of your smile, your gums also play an important role. Even if your teeth are perfect, imperfect gums can significantly impact your smile and your confidence. At Dental Arts of Frederick, we can improve the appearance of your gums, and the quality of your smile, with an aesthetic gum lift.

What is an Aesthetic Gum Lift?

Your gums play a crucial role in the quality of your smile. Excess gum tissue leaves you with what is known as a gummy smile. The tissue covers a greater surface area of your teeth, which causes them to appear smaller than they are. Even if your teeth are otherwise perfect, the quality of your smile is greatly affected, which also significantly impacts your confidence. An aesthetic gum lift is a procedure that is performed to eliminate excess gum tissue. By removing the excess gum tissue, and sculpting a more aesthetically pleasing gumline, we can help to improve both your smile and your confidence.

How an Aesthetic Gum Lift is Done

An aesthetic gum lift is performed under a local anesthetic. The procedure used to be performed using a scalpel. While effective, the scalpel could cause a significant amount of tissue trauma, leading to bleeding, pain, and swelling. It could also mean several weeks of recovery after the procedure was complete. Today, an aesthetic gum lift is performed using a dental laser.

A laser is a tool that emits a thin, concentrated beam of light that cuts through your gum tissue. As the laser removes the excess gum tissue, it cauterizes. This seals blood vessels and limits the amount of bleeding you experience. The laser also allows for pinpoint accuracy. We can target only the necessary tissue with minimal tissue trauma. This helps to leave you with the best possible results and a gorgeous new smile.

After your local anesthetic is given, we make small incisions in your gums. This enables us to separate the gum tissue from your teeth. The laser is then used to remove the necessary tissue. No matter if we are treating several teeth or just one, we also treat the adjacent teeth as well, which allows us to provide you with a more natural result. If needed, the laser can be adjusted to remove a small amount of bone. This is not necessary for everyone. Once the procedure is complete, your gums are sutured back against your teeth.

What are the Benefits of an Aesthetic Gum Lift?

There are numerous benefits associated with an aesthetic gum lift. Benefits include:
•  Minimally invasive. The laser is incredibly accurate, reducing the amount of tissue trauma you experience. This results in less pain and swelling as well as reduced recovery time.
•  Results are noticeable immediately following the procedure.
•  Improving the quality of your smile. With your smile improved, your confidence soars.
•  Improving your oral health. In addition to improving your smile, a gum lift also helps to improve your oral health. Removing excess gum tissue helps to reduce your risk for gum disease.

Eliminating excess gum tissue can help to greatly improve the overall quality of your smile. For more information, and to find out if you are a candidate for an aesthetic gum lift, contact Dental Arts of Frederick at 301-732-7277 today.


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