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Dental emergencies that start out mild can become severe when not treated quickly and well. Likewise, severe oral emergencies may require only minimal recovery time if addressed properly. The following responses to frequently asked questions about dental emergencies can help you respond appropriately in these situations.

What oral emergencies should I look out for?
The common dental emergencies that should be treated as soon as possible are:

– Lost or cracked teeth: There are times when a lost tooth can be placed back in your mouth, especially if there is no damage to the nerve. Protect the tooth by placing it in the tooth gap or storing it in a solution like milk to preserve it until the dentist can treat your smile.
– Lost dental fillings: A tooth exposed by a lost filling should be covered with dental cement or chewing gum to provide protection until you see the dentist for a new filling.
– Lost dental crowns: Coat a soft cotton ball in clove oil and apply it to the tooth to protect it until you receive another dental crown.

Am I suffering a dental emergency if I bit my lip or gums?
When chewing food, you can easily bite your lips or gums, and if the injury is serious, it’s a dental emergency. Clean the injury and cover it with gauze to stop the flow of blood. You may need stitches or other treatments if bleeding does not cease.

Can I prevent oral accidents?
You can protect your smile from harm when you adhere to safety precautions such as using a sports mouth guard to protect your face and jaw or seeing the dentist for harmful tooth habits like tooth grinding.

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