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Would you be surprised to learn that toothpaste has existed for more than a hundred years? At first, toothpaste was flavorless. Now, there are several options you can consider—but with all the options available to you, how do you pick the toothpaste that best meets your needs?

In reality, there are several options that could be right for you. For instance, did you know that some toothpastes could help you prevent decay? This type of toothpaste can actually strengthen your enamel, which is the outer layer of your teeth. However, you shouldn’t swallow fluoride, meaning you shouldn’t give this type of toothpaste to your child. To avoid this issue, simply give young children fluoride free toothpaste.

There are also toothpastes that can whiten your teeth. As you may know, there are also toothpastes designed to help you deal with tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, there are toothpastes that will keep your teeth clean and address your sensitivity.

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