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Types of Dental Crowns
Frederick, MD

Image of a gold dental crown being placed at Dental Arts of Frederick in Frederick, MD. If you want to replace your damaged teeth without having to rely on a costly and long-winded procedure, there is nothing better than dental crowns. These structures fit over your teeth, much like a cap, protecting them against the external bacteria that can cause further damage.

Remember that dental crowns can be attached in a single appointment, while most other dental procedures take weeks or even months. With same day crowns it is possible to get done with the procedure in one day. At Dental Arts of Frederick, Kevin Oakes DDS and Dr. Kevin Oakes will be there to support you through the procedure. Their trained eyes can catch tooth damage and decay through examinations which result in effective solutions.

How is a Dental Crown Made?

A dental crown is made from different kinds of materials. The one you choose depends on your requirements, oral anatomy, and budget. Some of the types of dental crowns include:

CEREC Same Day Crowns

With advancements in restorative dentistry, same day crowns have become a popular procedure. These dental crowns can be installed in one appointment. They involve the same steps when it comes to preparation. However, the crown is not sent to the dental lab for manufacture. Instead, it is created in the office and attached to your tooth the same day. Through this procedure, you can get the benefits of ceramic crowns without having to deal with a temporary crown.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns are some of the most durable crowns which look the most like your natural teeth. These can also be replaced by porcelain or zirconia. The crowns are matched to the surrounding teeth, and materials may differ depending on where they are placed.

Gold Crowns

These are a much fancier option. However, some people opt for these dental crowns for their strength. Gold crowns can be used for people who usually add a lot of force to a particular tooth leading to damage or decay.

What is the Best Material for Dental Crowns?

Ceramic crowns are some of the most popular and aesthetic crowns. These look a lot like your natural teeth and are also durable. Some of the other benefits of ceramic crowns include the fact that they are non-toxic since they do not incorporate any metal. Moreover, they are also ideal for people who suffer from tooth sensitivity as they lower the symptoms.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you are considering dental crowns, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced dentist who can walk you through the procedure. At Dental Arts of Frederick, our doctors can take you through every step, ensuring they put your concerns at ease. Call 301-732-7277 to book an appointment today. Get examined for dental damage and choose dental crowns that can restore your smile and function. Moreover, choosing those dental crowns today can save your teeth and jawbone from further damage in the future!


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